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Default Website Page in cPanel

Depending on the cPanel configuration, when a virtual host (which actually does not exist on the server) is accessed, the user is redirected to a system webpage.

cPanel - Default Website Page

cPanel - Default Website Page

If the default webpage is loaded when a certain website is accessed, the probable causes for that might be:

1. The hosting account IP address has been changed.

The hosting account might be transferred to a dedicated IP address. The IP address change requires about 4 hours to resolve. During this time the server will load the default page.

2. The domain points to an incorrect IP address, especially if an A record is used to redirect the domain to an IP address.

You can find the IP address to which the domain is pointing in the cPanel section on the left. If a domain is pointing to another IP address, the default webpage will be loaded.

3. There is an attempt to access a subdomain that is not set up yet or is being configured in cPanel.

It is possible for the desired webpage to be loaded, if you have entered the newly created domain, but its configuration is still not finished.

4. The domain/subdomain has been removed from cPanel and then it has been added again.

5. The subdomain is accessed.

In this case, please use the following addresses to access the mailboxes with your domain: (secure connection to the mail server)
(replace with your domain name)

6. The subdomain is accessed.

In this case, please use an FTP client to access your hosting account.

Similarly, in case of an attempt to load a domain that is still not configured, you might possibly be redirected to the default page.

If the default page is loaded instead of the website, you might try the following:

1. Clear Your Web Browser Cache

You can also:

- load the site in another browser;
- load the site by using a web proxy;
- restart your browser;
- restart your PC;
- try accessing the website with/out the www. prefix.

Clearing Your Browser's Cache

The option for clearing the cache is located at different places in settings of the most popular browsers. In Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer: Load the website in the browser and press Ctrl + F5.

2. Clear Your Local DNS Cache

After the domain records change, DNS propagation takes 2 to 48 hours. In case propagation is finished and you still cannot load your website, it is possible that DNS cache is saved locally on your PC.

3. Check Whether Your Domain Is Pointing to The Correct IP Address

If you have changed the domain IP address, you should check whether the correct IP address for an A record is set up. Compare the IP address in the domain settings to the IP address in cPanel.

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