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How to Set Up an Add-On Domain in my Hosting Account (cPanel)?

You can set up an Add-On domain from your customer profile or in cPanel.

The option to add additional sites (Add-On Domains) is available for hosting plans SuperPro and SuperHosting.

The Add-On domain you wish to add should first exist as a registered domain name. Assign the correct DNS so as to point the Add-On towards the server. Use the same name servers as with your hosting account’s main domain. The complete DNS propagation period takes from 2 to 48 hours.

To create an Add-On domain, log into cPanel and click the “Addon Domains” menu.

Add Addon Domain in cPanel

(1) Enter your domain name in the “New Domain Name” field.

If the domain is in Cyrillic you should enter its XN record.

If it is purchased from SuperHosting.BG, you can view the record in your customer profile -> Domains – Management.

You may also use an online tool such as: IDN Conversion Tool.

(2) The “Subdomain” autocompletes, when you enter a new Add-On domain, but it can still be edited. Then a subdomain is created so as to be used by the cPanel system.

(3) In the “Document Root” field set up a directory where the website files should be later located.

After the Add-On domain has been created, this directory can be modified from the “Add-on Domain Management” section.

Note: We highly recommend locating the Add-On domain directory in the hosting account’s home directory.

Enter only the directory’s name, for example: “addondir” and a home/cpuser/addondir directory will be created.

If you wish the Add-Оn domain’s directory to be a subdirectory in public_html, type in “public_html” at the path beginning, for example: “public_html/addondir”.

Creating a new FTP account that will be used only for this Addon domain

(4Creating an FTP account, associated with the Addon domain.

Select this option if you wish to create a separate FTP user that can access only the newly created directory and its subdirectories.

Enter a name for the new FTP user in the “FTP Username” field.

Enter your FTP account password in the “Password” and “Password (Again)” fields. We recommend that you use a Password Generator to create a strong combination of small and capital letters and numbers.

After you put a check to the conditions for adding Add-on domain, complete the configuration by clicking the “Add Domain” button.

Updated on 02.04.2022

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