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Domain Transfer

Domain Transfer (.com, .net, .org, .biz, or .info)

Domain transfer is the process of migrating a particular domain from one registrar to another. During domain transfer itself, there is no change in its default settings, unless specified upon transfer initiation (i.e., the domain can be transferred to another registrar, but the website keeps loading from the same hosting account). Domain transfer represents an… »

How to Initiate a Domain Transfer?

Before initiating domain transfer, you must have an Authorization (EPP) key for the domain, and you have to disable transfer prohibition if any transfer prohibition is imposed on the domain. Domain may not be transferred if these conditions are not met. You may see the transfer code in the control panel for domain management at… »

I've Initiated a Domain Transfer through My Customer Profile. What's Next?

Within few hours after your transfer request a notification will be sent to the email address specified during the initial domain registration. If you are not sure which email address was specified during the initial registration, you may check this at: The verification email is sent in English, by our registrar ENOM, but its… »

.bg domain registration/transfer by a person outside Bulgaria

The conditions for .bg domain registration have been imposed by and require identification of the person registering the domain. When this person, physical or legal, is located outside Bulgaria, domain registration has some specific requirements. Here we will review the most common cases: 1. Registrant is a company based in the European Union (EU)… »

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