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Domain Transfer

Domain Transfer (.com, .net, .org, .biz, or .info)

What does domain transfer mean? Domain transfer is the process of migrating a particular domain from one registrar to another. During domain transfer itself, there is no change in its default settings, unless specified upon transfer initiation (i.e., the domain can be transferred to another registrar, but the website keeps loading from the same hosting… »

How to Initiate a Domain Transfer?

Before initiating a domain transfer you need to have a finished transfer order, an authorization code and the domain must be unlocked as active. 1. Order for a Domain Transfer Service Before starting a domain transfer, you need to make an order for the domain transfer service on SuperHosting.BG’s website. After the payment is confirmed,… »

Transfer of .eu Domains

To transfer a .eu domain to SuperHosting.BG, you first need to make a domain transfer service on SuperHosting.BG’s website. After the activation of your order, you might start transferring your domain in your customer profile » Domain Transfer » Start transfer. After a successful domain transfer, the domain is renewed for 12 months, preserving the period remaining… »

Transfer Status Messages

After transfer initiation, you may monitor the transfer status in your customer profile under the Domain Transfer section. Auto-verification of transfer request initiated The verification email has been sent to the registrant and/or the authorized contact, however we have not yet received a response. What should I do? Check the email address you have specified… »

I've Initiated a Domain Transfer through My Customer Profile. What's Next?

Once the domain transfer is started in the client account, it is only necessary to wait for it to complete. While the domain is in the process of transferring, in your client profile you can monitor the transfer status for the duration of the procedure. In the event of a domain transfer failure, you will… »

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