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How to transfer my domain and website to SuperHosting.BG?

To start the procedure related to your website and/or domain transfer to SuperHosting.BG, you will have to order your required services by placement of an online order via the SuperHosting.BG website. Hosting Account Transfer Your hosting account with us will be configured within 15 minutes after order payment confirmation is received. All credentials for access and… »

What is required for domain name registration?

The first and most important condition for domain name registration on the Internet is your name to be available (i.e. not already registered by another user). The second condition is to pay the annual fee for the right to use a specified name for a specified period. You may check the available names here. Note:… »

After ordering a hosting plan will I be able to create a mailbox?

Yes. After opening an account, you will receive an email containing information on how to access your account in the control panel, where you will be able to manage your site, which includes configuring email accounts. The number of email boxes you may configure is determined by the parameters of the hosting plan chosen. All… »

10 Tips for Managing your Hosting Account

The client profile on is used for service management. The cPanel is used for hosting account management. In your customer profile on you can manage your services – you might renew and transfer services, order new and additional services, change your contact details, etc. In the cPanel of your hosting account you can… »


Available Payment Methods

We offer the following payment options for our customer’s convenience Payment options available for payments in EUR Wire transfer EUR | BGN Credit card (via the Borica system) EUR | BGN Credit card (via the 2CheckOut system) EUR | BGN PayPal EUR | BGN Payment options available for payments in BGN Wire transfer EUR |… »

How to Park a Domain?

Before you can add your domain as ‘parked,’ that domain name has to be registered. A parked domain is added via the control panel (cPanel) for the hosting account’s basic domain management. To ‘park’ your domain, please log into the control panel and select the ‘Parked Domains’ menu. Enter your domain name and click on… »

Parked Domain

Do you support ASP.NET?

Our Windows-based hosting plans do support ASP.NET. Further information on service parameters >>>

What is the server name where my hosting account is located?

To ensure the quality of their services SuperHosting.BG use different professional physical and virtual servers, each with a different name. You can find information about the server name where your hosting account is located by accessing your customer profile or in cPanel. Customer profile Log into your profile and select the Hosting Accounts menu. Click… »

What is HTTP/2?

HTTP/2 s the new version of the protocol for data transfer on the Web – HTTP. HTTP/2 offers enhanced performance, lower bandwidth and new, optimized structure of the client-server communication. 🚀At SuperHosting.BG HTTP/2 is supported for all hosting plans. All customer websites having an installed SSL certificate and activated secure HTTPS connection are loaded via HTTP/2. One of… »

World Wide Web

Redis Features and Support

Redis (REmote DIctionary Server) is an open-code project similar to Memcached that enables you to store data. The tool is used to speed up website loading by caching data and objects in RAM. Thus it reduces the number of times an external data source such as a database or API must be read. Redis uses… »

for faster website, redis

Most Used Ports

This is a list of the most commonly used ports, which you can use to access the specified services. In the tables are described the services (or protocols), connection type – secure or not, port number and address (hostname). Note: If you use any of the following services: VPS or dedicated server, some of the… »

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