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Web Hosting

The term “web hosting” is derived from the English word host, and its literal translation is that of a householder, owner, or keeper. Practically, it is most accurately presented as a subscription for resources of a particular server with direct connectivity to the Internet for a definite period of time. In other words, web hosting… »

Domain Name

The term is derived from the English word ‘domain’ (i.e., possession, ownership). This represents the right to possess a certain name for a certain period of time. Each name corresponds to the numeric IP address of a particular computer on the Internet. Domain names are unique and may not be repeated. After registration of a domain… »

TLD (Top Level Domain)

TLDs occupy the highest level in the DNS system domain hierarchy. The number of these domains is limited, and the decision to create a new one of these is made by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). There are two types of top level domains—common (.com, .org, etc.) and national (.bg, .us, etc.). All remaining domain names are… »

Parked Domain

“Domain parking” is a term which means: directing several domain names to the same content (website). Example: The same website will load irrespective of which listed name the user will type into their browser. Domain names do not have to differ only by their extension (.com, .bg, .org, etc.), even though… »

Parked Domain

IP Address (Internet Protocol Address)

The IP address is a unique 32-bit number used by computers when they communicate to each other in a local network or on the Internet (similar to telephone numbers). An example for IP address is By means of these IP addresses, computers exchange information.

Add-On domain

The Add-On domain option enables you to host multiple websites, associated with an individual domain, on one hosting account. Thus, if you have multiple sites, you do not have to buy a separate hosting plan for each website but you may host them all on the same hosting account. All websites that have been hosted… »

Addon Domain

Subdomain (is part of a primary domain name)

A subdomain is part of a primary domain name, but it is located at a lower level in domain name hierarchy. Each domain name may be inherited from an unlimited number of subdomains, which are the domain’s derivatives. Each subdomain name is located in front of domain name and is separated by means of a… »


SSI - Dynamic Content Generation for HTML Pages

SSI (Server Side Includes) enables you to add dynamically generated content to an existing HTML page. Usually HTML pages contain HTML code and content that does not change. SSI enables you to dynamically generate small pieces of the HTML page’s content. Note: SSI cannot replace CGI programs for dynamic webpage generation such as PHP and… »

SSH (Secure Shell)

SSH (Secure Shell) is a network protocol for remote access to another computer. The connection between the two machines is encrypted, which prevents exchanged information to be intercepted by another computer on the network. SSH access is one of the safest ways for remote connection to another machine. SSH access is most commonly used to manage… »


Bandwidth (amount of data)

Bandwidth is the amount of data that has passed from/to your provided disk space on the server. Bandwidth occurs when a user reviews your site, when you receive and send emails, upload files on the server, etc. All hosting plans and Managed VPS servers, offered by SuperHosting.BG, have unlimited bandwidth.


Python (programming language)

Python is an interactive, object-oriented programming language, developed by Guido van Rossum in the early 90’s. It is often compared to Tcl, Perl, Scheme, Java, and Ruby. Python offers a good structure and support for the development of large applications. Programs, developed by means of Python, are quite compact and readable, as they are often… »

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