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How to Park a Domain?

Before you can add your domain as ‘parked,’ that domain name has to be registered. A parked domain is added via the control panel (cPanel) for the hosting account’s basic domain management. To ‘park’ your domain, please log into the control panel and select the ‘Parked Domains’ menu. Enter your domain name and click on… »

Parked Domain

Redirect Using .htaccess - Your Website Starts Loading via Secure HTTPS Connection

To use a secure connection between the user and a website you first need to issue and install an SSL certificate in your hosting account. You can select and purchase an SSL certificate from SuperHosting.BG. After the SSL certificate has been issued and installed into your hosting account,, you can activate a secure connection for your… »


PHP Manager by SuperHosting

In cPanel you can change the PHP settings for all hosting plans offered by SuperHosting.BG. You can change the PHP version, enable or disable PHP modules and change PHP directives. This can be done through “PHP Manager by SuperHosting”. To change the PHP settings, log into cPanel and select “PHP Manager by SuperHosting” under the SuperHosting Tools menu.… »

cPanel plugins by SuperHosting, PHP modules/extensions, PHP settings, PHP version

SuperTools Available in cPanel

cPanel offers a few special Super tools developed by SuperHosting.BG that enable you to manage more easily and quickly the content of all websites, hosted on your account. SUPERHOSTING TOOLS In the SuperHosting Tools menu you can find tools that will help you manage your hosting account and will save you lots of time! WordPress… »

cPanel plugins by SuperHosting, for faster website, tips, website caching

How to Change PHP Version for a Specific Directory?

Under PHP Manager in cPanel you can change the PHP version for the entire hosting account or for a specific directory. Below you can read how to set a different PHP version for a specific directory (website) of your hosting account. Choosing a PHP Version (FastCGI) for a Specific Directory You can enable a different PHP version for a certain… »

PHP version

Redis Manager by SuperHosting

Redis is supported for the SuperPro and SuperHosting plans. To use Redis, you need to activate it in cPanel. Login to cPanel and select the “Redis Manager by SuperHosting” menu. Choose the amount of memory that will be allocated for Redis. Click on the “Save and Enable” button. All changes will take effect within 5 minutes after… »

cPanel plugins by SuperHosting, for faster website, redis

Most Used Ports

This is a list of the most commonly used ports, which you can use to access the specified services. In the tables are described the services (or protocols), connection type – secure or not, port number and address (hostname). Note: If you use any of the following services: VPS, Cloud VPS or dedicated server, some… »

Creating a PostgreSQL Database in cPanel

You can create a PostgreSQL database in cPanel -> PostgreSQL Databases. PostgreSQL is supported by SuperHosting.BG. You can set up a PostgreSQL database in cPanel. If you want to use this database, but cannot find the PostgreSQL Databases menu in your cPanel, please contact our technical support team. Creating New Database Enter a database name in the… »

Intelligent SPAM Protection

All hosting plans and Managed VPS servers, offered by SuperHosting.BG, have the default SPAM filter enabled. With the SuperPro and SuperHosting plans as well as all Managed VPS servers, we offer the next level of protection – an intelligent SPAM filter. The intelligent spam protection is enabled by default in your hosting account. For its proper functioning you need to activate the SpamAssassin filter.… »

Cron Jobs - WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

Moving WordPress Cron Jobs to cPanel’s cron jobs will optimize your website’s resource usage and loading. For migrating the scheduled tasks to cPanel you need to access WordPress Manager by SuperHosting -> Cron Jobs and click on Move. If you want to move back the execution of tasks to the WordPress, use the option “I want… »

WordPress Manager

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