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How is the space taken by mailboxes calculated?

The space taken for mailboxes is part of the total disk space of the hosting account. The hosting plans offer different disk space. SuperHosting.BG would not impose restrictions on the distribution of disk space in the hosting account. Mailboxes can use the whole disk space. When creating an email account in cPanel you can determine… »

Disk space, email quota

How to Setup Email Forwarding?

Еmail forwarding can be used if you would like to receive a copy of your incoming mail on a different email address. In order to set up email forwarding please follow the steps described below. Please login to cPanel and select the Forwarders menu. Click on the Add Forwarder button. Address In the Address to… »

email forwarding

Gmail Setup for Sending and Receiving Messages from a Different Email Address

You can set up your account in order to use it as an email client to send and receive messages from a different email address. Data you will need to enter in Gmail is: Username: the full email address ( Password: the email account password (not displayed anywhere as you can change it in cPanel… »

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Email Account Setup for MS Outlook 2016

Modifying an Existing Email Account To open the settings for an existing email account in Outlook 2016, click File then go to Account Settings and from the drop-down menu once again select Account Settings. In the pop-up window select your email account and click Change. To view the ports for the incoming and outgoing mail server, click on More… »

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Email Account Setup on Android

In case you still do not have a mailbox, you first need to set up an email account in cPanel. The settings described in this article apply for mobile devices using Android. Adding an Еmail Account on Android To set up an email account on Android, run the built-in email client from the Email icon. If you… »

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Email Account Setup for Mozilla Thunderbird (After Version 24)

Adding a New Email Account Step by Step After running Mozilla Thunderbird, select File » New » Existing Mail Account: Then enter your name, email address and password for the new account. Click Continue: After that Thunderbird will try to detect automatically the settings for the mail server. If the operation is successful, a similar window will… »

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Email Account Setup for Mac Mail

Adding a New Email Account Step by Step To set up Mac Mail for checking your emails, follow the steps described below. 1 Run Mac Mail and if you already have at least one email account added, select Mail » Add Account. In case you have not added any email account in Mail before, the window for adding… »

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How to Change My Email Account Password?

Step by Step Changing Email Password Through cPanel You can change your email account password through cPanel » Email Accounts or through Webmail. You can change your password through cPanel without entering your current email account password. To change your password through some of the Webmail clients you will first need to use your old password to… »


Email Account Setup on Android 4.0+ (Gmail App)

The Gmail app comes preinstalled on most of the Android devices. If you cannot find it on yours, you may look for it on Google Play Store or install another email client. The option to add non-Gmail accounts into the app is supported since Android 4.0+. Adding Your Email Account to the Gmail Application Launch the Gmail… »

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How to Check Your Email Using Webmail?

To check your email using WebMail without logging into cPanel, open one of the following URLs in your address bar: (1) или is the name of the domain associated with your hosting account; (2) server-name is the name of the server where your hosting account is located; (3) server-name is… »

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Email Account Setup on iPhone (iOS 7/8/9/10)

If you still do not have an email account, you can set up one by going to your hosting account’s cPanel. To configure your email on iPhone (5S, 5C, SE, 6, 6S, 7 or newer), just follow the steps below. 1 Go to Settings. 2 Tap the Accounts & Passwords icon (older versions: Mail).   3 Then tap Add Account.… »

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