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How to Check Your Email Using Webmail?

To check your email using WebMail without logging into cPanel, open one of the following URLs in your address bar: (1) или is the name of the domain associated with your hosting account; (2) server-name is the name of the server where your hosting account is located; (3) server-name is… »

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How to Create an HTML signature in RoundCube?

The RoundCube Webmail client supports plain text and HTML signatures that can be automatically added to every outgoing message. Create and customize your signature in RoundCube as you click on “Settings” and then on the -> “Identities” tab. Select an existing identity or add a new one so that the settings of the Identities tab… »

How to Check My Email After I Create an Email Account?

After you have created your email account in cPanel, you can check your messages either by using an email client, which has to be installed on your computer, or by using a webmail client. 1. Checking your email by using a desktop email client To check your messages with an email client you first need to install… »

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Webmail (web-based option for sending/receiving emails)

Webmail is a web-based option for sending/receiving emails in which you are not required to have a mail client program installed on the local computer. Emails are sent and received via an Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.) There are various webmail programs, and the most common ones are Horde, RoundCube,… »

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