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Managing Your Hosting Account's Files Remotely

Managing content, files and directories on your hosting account might be performed remotely. This means that an application installed on your device enables you to connect to your hosting server and access the account’s content. You can upload files and directories via FTP, also manage and configure applications on your hosting account via SSH. Remote… »

How to Connect to the Hosting Server?

For every hosting server and to each hosting account there are additional virtual servers providing different services. For the email service incoming and outgoing mail servers are used, for the databases there are MySQL and PostgreSQL servers, for accessing files there are FTP and SSH servers and others. Depending how and which service you wish… »

How to Change an FTP Account Password in cPanel?

An FTP password is changed from the same menu where the FTP account is created (cPanel -> FTP Accounts). Under the FTP Accounts section at the bottom of the page you can view a list of all existing FTP accounts. To change an FTP account password, click on “Change Password” (1) in the action menu on the… »


FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

This is a protocol of the client-server type providing the opportunity for file exchange among various computer systems. FTP uses TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) for communication. FTP client programs are FileZilla, CuteFTP, etc. FTP is supported with the services offered by SuperHosting.BG.

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