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What is the address of the MySQL server?

The address (host) for connection to a MySQL server at SuperHosting.BG is: localhost

How to Import Data From Text File Using MySQL Query

If you need to import data from text file (.txt, .csv, …) to a database table, you should use LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE instead of LOAD DATA INFILE. For example: LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE ‘/home/cpaneluser/data.txt’ INTO TABLE Data; LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE ‘file-path’ INTO TABLE table-name; You need to upload the text file to your hosting… »

MySQL (relational database)

MySQL is a relational database using SQL (Structured Query Language) – the most popular language for database information adding, accessing, and processing. The base is open source; it may be downloaded from the Internet and used by anyone based on their needs without a license. MySQL’s advantage is that specific data may be stored in a large number of… »


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