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A Few Tips for Choosing a Strong Password

Your hosting account as well as any other account or profile you have on the web contain crucial information that should not be used for malicious purposes. Your hosting account provides access to your websites, mailboxes, databases, etc. Therefore, you should be very careful when setting up a new password to prevent bad consequences in… »

password, tips

Security Checks – WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

WordPress is one of the most widely spread systems on the web used for creating websites. This naturally turns it into an object of interest for a big number of unauthorized third party access attempts and malicious activities. Despite the good level of security provided by WordPress developers, there are also few more protection methods which… »

WordPress Manager

HTTPS - Part of the Website’s Content is Loaded over an Insecure Connection (HTTP)

When a website is accessed over HTTPS (, the server connection is encrypted via SSL (SSL Certificate). Thus data transmitted between a user and the server is encrypted and protected from being tracked and accessed by third parties. However, when the website has internal or external resources, loaded over a non-encrypted connection (HTTP), most browsers display a… »


Intelligent SPAM Protection

All hosting plans and Managed VPS servers, offered by SuperHosting.BG, have the default SPAM filter enabled. With the SuperPro and SuperHosting plans as well as all Managed VPS servers, we offer the next level of protection – an intelligent SPAM filter. The intelligent spam protection is enabled by default in your hosting account. For its proper functioning you need to activate the SpamAssassin filter.… »

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