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SSL Certificates

HTTPS - Part of the Website’s Content is Loaded over an Insecure Connection (HTTP)

When a website is accessed over HTTPS (, the server connection is encrypted via SSL (SSL Certificate). Thus data transmitted between a user and the server is encrypted and protected from being tracked and accessed by third parties. However, when the website has internal or external resources, loaded over a non-encrypted connection (HTTP), most browsers display a… »


Let's Encrypt Certificates

The Let’s Encrypt SSL option in cPanel allows you to request and install an SSL certificate for each domain in your hosting account. These certificates provide an encrypted connection between your websites and their visitors. Let’s Encrypt certificates are supported with all hosting plans, as well as on all Managed VPS plans. Let’s Encrypt certificates… »

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

SSL is a protocol developed by the Netscape Communications Corporation. Its basic function is to protect information from eavesdropping, counterfeiting, and more, while providing a high level of confidentiality. It is used for online payments, online transfers, e-banking, etc. The SSL certificate provides an encrypted connection between the server and the customer’s browser. When confidential information… »

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