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Setting up Email Forwarding in Plesk Control Panel

ASP.NET Hosting

Еmail forwarding can be used if you would like to receive a copy of your incoming mail on a different email address. In order to set up email forwarding please follow the steps described below.

You might set up mail forwarding in the Plesk control panel of your hosting account:

1. Select Mail Accounts.

2. Click on the email account that you would like to forward.
Mail redirect in Plesk

3. Select Redirect, then check the "Redirect" box and enter the email address towards which you would like to forward your incoming messages. In this way, you will receive the emails on the two addresses simultaneously.

If you would like your correspondence to be forwarded from one email address to another without leaving a copy in the first email inbox, you must not set up this email address, but rather create an alias for it.

For example: If you choose an email address and you would like your correspondence to be forwarded to you will have to create alias for the account. In this case the email address will not physically exist, but the emails that arrive there will be forwarded to

Alias can be set up using the Plesk control panel of your hosting account:

1. Select Mail Accounts.

2. Click on the email account to which you would like to add an Alias.

3. Select Add New Mail Alias. Then enter the desired email address.

Add New Mail Alias

4. An alias can only be created for email addresses that belong to the domain and are not existing email accounts.

If you would like to forward your messages to an email address that does not belong to the domain (for example you can only use the first type of redirecting (Redirect).

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