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Managing Email Accounts in cPanel

You can manage an email account in cPanel under Email Accounts » Manage.

Email Accounts » Manage

From this menu you can change the email account password, restrictions and the allocated storage space.

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To change your email account password, enter a new one in the New Password field.

New Password

Use Generate to create a strong and complex password.

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Disk space

You can allocate the storage space to be used by the email account. This size of storage space is allocated from the hosting account’s total storage space.

Disk space

For the mailbox you can set specific storage space size or select “Unlimited”.

When the allocated storage space is filled up, sending and receiving emails from this account will be suspended.

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You can permit or restrict certain features for the email accounts. You can set restrictions for accessing, sending or receiving emails for each email account.


You can manage the following three actions:

  • allowing/suspending incoming mails (receiving),
  • allowing/suspending/holding outgoing mails (sending) and
  • allowing/suspending access to the email account (logging in).

ПUpon activating the Hold option for a certain email account, the outgoing messages are queued by the mail server. When the email account attempts to send a message, the inbox receives an email notification that the outgoing messages have been held (Sender email@goodexample.eu has an outgoing mail hold). Upon deactivating the option, the mails still queued by the mail server are sent within approximately one hour.

Deleting an email account

You can delete an email account here. Upon deleting an email account you will also delete all of the messages and data stored for this account.

Updated on 02.04.2022

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