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New Installation - WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

You can install a new WordPress website by using the New WordPress installation menu in WordPress Manager. The installation is performed very easily and quickly, with just a few clicks. Site Settings Fill in the main website information. (1) Select the type of protocol: http://, http://www., https:// or https://www. If you are going to use an… »

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WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

WordPress Manager is a new plugin that allows you to maintain multiple installations on your account. It is supported on all shared hosting plans by SuperHosting.BG. The options Move, Speed Up and WP-CLI are available on SuperPro and SuperHosting plans. To be able to use these options, the hosting account need to use one of… »

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Installing PencilBlue on Node.js VPS (CentOS 6.x)

PencilBlue is a fully featured, open-source content management platform for website development using technologies such as Node.js, MongoDB, Bootstrap, AngularJS, etc. РencilBlue is supported on all virtual servers, Super Cloud VPS and dedicated servers, offered by SuperHosting.BG. This installation takes place on a virtual server with installed CentOS x64 – Node.JS server template. Installing PencilBlue Log into your Node.js VPS and… »

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How to Install WordPress Using Softaculous?

Installing WordPress on all Linux hosting accounts can be very easily done by using Softaculous. Softaculous is an additional cPanel module which is supported on all Linux hosting accounts. To install WordPress you need to log into the cPanel with your username and password. In the Softaculous menu, select Blogs -> WordPress and then click on the Install tab. Software Setup Choose whether your website… »

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