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Managing AutoSSL in cPanel (SSL/TLS Status)

AutoSSL is activated by default in your hosting account as it automatically installs and renews cPanel/Sectigo certificates for each domain in cPanel. AutoSSL performs automatic check of all domains and if necessary installs new or renews the already installed cPanel/Sectigo certificates. Through cPanel » SSL/TLS Status you can manage AutoSSL, perform a check or exclude a specific… »


cPanel AutoSSL - SSL Certificate for Each Domain

For all hosting plans and Managed VPS servers by SuperHosting.BG you can now benefit from the AutoSSL feature. This is a system feature in cPanel/WHM that allows you to automatically install SSL certificates. The new SSL certificates installed via AutoSSL are specially developed by cPanel in cooperation with Sectigo. The cPanel/Sectigo certificates are completely free,… »


Redirect Using .htaccess - Your Website Starts Loading via Secure HTTPS Connection

To use a secure connection between the user and a website you first need to issue and install an SSL certificate in your hosting account. You can select and purchase an SSL certificate from SuperHosting.BG. After the SSL certificate has been issued and installed into your hosting account,, you can activate a secure connection for your… »


HTTPS - Part of the Website’s Content is Loaded over an Insecure Connection (HTTP)

When a website is accessed over HTTPS (, the server connection is encrypted via SSL (SSL Certificate). Thus data transmitted between a user and the server is encrypted and protected from being tracked and accessed by third parties. However, when the website has internal or external resources, loaded over a non-encrypted connection (HTTP), most browsers display a… »


HTTPS Activation for Your Website – WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

To activate SSL (secure connection) for your WordPress website, you will need an SSL certificate. You might use the already purchased and issued SSL certificate or a free AutoSSL certificate. To use an AutoSSL certificate for your website you do not need to perform further actions. AutoSSL certificates are automatically installed for all domains added… »

HTTPS, WordPress Manager

What is Let's Encrypt?

Let’s Encrypt is a certificate that encrypts the connection between the web browser and the web server, like known and widely distributed SSL certificates. The difference to them is that it is free and uses a simplified issuance process. Let’s Encrypt certificate comes closest to SSL certificates with domain validation. An alternative to Let’s Encrypt… »


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