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Speed up - WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

By using the Speed up tool in WordPress Manager you can accelerate your website’s loading speed through a special web technology. Depending on the PHP version you are currently using on your WordPress website, with this tool you can activate and use Memcached or Redis. Memcached and Redis are caching tools used to speed up… »

memcached, WordPress Manager

I cannot enable Memcached for my website - the option is grayed out

If you have enabled Memcached in cPanel, but the caching option is still inactive for your website, check and enable the PHP memcache module through PHP Manager by SuperHosting. First make sure that Memcached is enabled in cPanel -> Memcached Manager by SuperHosting. Then check if the PHP memcache module is activated from cPanel -> PHP Manager… »


Memcached and Memcached support

Memcached is free and open-source software which is basically a distributed memory object caching system. It was initially developed by Danga Interactive for LiveJournal, but nowadays it is widely used by many other websites. Memcached achieves dynamic websites acceleration by caching data and objects in RAM, which reduces the number of times an external data source… »

for faster website, memcached

Activating Memcached in cPanel

Memcached is supported for the SuperPro and SuperHosting plans. To use Memcached, you need to activate it in the cPanel. If you are using PHP version 7.0 or later, instead of Memcached, you can activate Redis, in cPanel -> Redis Manager. Login to cPanel and select the “Memcached Manager by SuperHosting” menu. In the next… »

cPanel plugins by SuperHosting, for faster website, memcached

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