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WordPress Manager

Security Checks – WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

WordPress is one of the most widely spread systems on the web used for creating websites. This naturally turns it into an object of interest for a big number of unauthorized third party access attempts and malicious activities. Despite the good level of security provided by WordPress developers, there are also few more protection methods which… »

WordPress Manager

Administrative Data – WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

Here you can modify the login data for the admin panel of your WordPress website. To activate the “Administrative Data” menu button, you first need to select a WordPress Installation. Main (system) email Here you can modify the system email for your WordPress website. This email address is used for administrative purposes – receiving notifications… »

password, WordPress Manager

New Installation - WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

You can install a new WordPress website by using the New WordPress installation menu in WordPress Manager. The installation is performed very easily and quickly, with just a few clicks. Site Settings Fill in the main website information. (1) Select the type of protocol: http://, http://www., https:// or https://www. If you are going to use an… »

create a website, WordPress Manager

HTTPS Activation for Your Website – WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

To activate SSL (secure connection) for your WordPress website, you will need an SSL certificate. You might use the already purchased and issued SSL certificate or a free AutoSSL certificate. To use an AutoSSL certificate for your website you do not need to perform further actions. AutoSSL certificates are automatically installed for all domains added… »

HTTPS, WordPress Manager

Restore from Backup - WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

This menu enables you to restore your website from the latest backup of the hosting account. To restore a WordPress website, you first need to select it. If you access the menu without selecting an installation, all recoverable WordPress websites will be displayed, but the system won’t identify them as already available in the hosting… »

restore from backup, WordPress Manager

Move - WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

This menu enables you to move websites from one URL or directory to another as well as to copy WordPress installations. Moving First you need to configure the new URL. You have to set up a domain, an encrypted connection (https) or a subdirectory. (1) Current address – Current address isn’t changing, it is set… »

WordPress Manager

Deletе - WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

The option for deleting a WordPress installation is very handy when you have multiple websites and you wish to remove the old and unnecessary ones. Besides cleaning up your hosting account, deleting WordPress installations will reduce the number of inodes. The Delete option removes all installation related files, databases, themes and plugins. Carefully check the… »

WordPress Manager

Import - WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

WordPress Manager by SuperHosting’s features enable you to manage quickly and easily all installations in your hosting account. If WordPress has been manually installed or the website is moved, the installation will not be displayed by default. To start managing, you first need to import it. If the account contains WordPress installations, but they are… »

WordPress Manager

Speed up - WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

By using the Speed up tool in WordPress Manager you can accelerate your website’s loading speed through a special web technology. Depending on the PHP version you are currently using on your WordPress website, with this tool you can activate and use Memcached or Redis. Memcached and Redis are caching tools used to speed up… »

memcached, WordPress Manager

Cron Jobs - WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

Moving WordPress Cron Jobs to cPanel’s cron jobs will optimize your website’s resource usage and loading. For migrating the scheduled tasks to cPanel you need to access WordPress Manager by SuperHosting -> Cron Jobs and click on Move. If you want to move back the execution of tasks to the WordPress, use the option “I want… »

WordPress Manager

WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

WordPress Manager is a new plugin that allows you to maintain multiple installations on your account. It is supported on all shared hosting plans by SuperHosting.BG. The options Move, Speed Up and WP-CLI are available on SuperPro and SuperHosting plans. To be able to use these options, the hosting account need to use one of… »

cPanel plugins by SuperHosting, WordPress Manager

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