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New Installation – WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

You can install a new WordPress website by using the New WordPress installation menu in WordPress Manager. The installation is performed very easily and quickly, with just a few clicks.

Site Settings

Site settingsFill in the main website information.

(1) Select the type of protocol: http://, http://www., https:// or https://www. If you are going to use an SSL certificate, choose https:// or https://www.

(2) Select the domain where the WordPress website shall be installed. From the drop-down menu you can view all domains and subdomains that have been added to your cPanel.

(3) By default the installation is performed in your domain’s root directory(/). In case the root directory contains another installation, the field will automatically show a subdirectory, for example /wp.

(4) Fill in the website’s name. (5) Fill in a short description. (6) Select a language for the website.

After installing WordPress, you can change the website’s name, description or the language under Settings -> General.

Admin Credentials

Filling in administrative data(1) Enter the administrator username. The username is filled in by default.

(2) Enter the administrator password. You should use a strong password, consisting of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

(3) Enter email of the administrator.

After installing WordPress, you can change the administrative data by going to Administrative Data from WordPress Manager in cPanel.

Advanced Options

Set the database informationFrom here you can set the name for the database, a user for it, password and table prefix.

The fields are automatically filled in, but you can edit them.

Choose strong password with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.


Choose a theme for your siteBefore starting the installation, select one of the available WordPress themes.

If you do not select a specific theme, the installation will be automatically performed with the first theme in the list.

After installing WordPress, you can change the theme under Appearance -> Themes.

After you have selected a theme, start the procedure by clicking Install.

Upon successful installation you will get a confirmation message. You will also receive a notification at the email you have specified before starting the installation. This email contains information for the website’s URL and credentials for the WordPress admin panel.

This article applies to: hosting services with cPanel and WordPress Manager by SuperHosting
Updated on 18.03.2022

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