• Email Account Setup for MS Outlook 2016

    To open the settings for an existing email account in Outlook 2016, click File then go to Account Settings and from the drop-down menu select Account Settings.

  • Email Account Setup on Android

    To set up an email account on Android, run the built-in email client. If you already have configured email account, select Menu to add a new one.

  • Email Account Setup for Mac Mail

    To add a new email account run Mac Mail and if you already have at least one email account added, select Mail » Add Account.

  • SuperTools Available in cPanel

    The special Super tools developed by SuperHosting.BG enable you to manage more easily and quickly the content of all websites, hosted on your account.

  • Most Used Ports

    This is a list of the most commonly used ports. In the tables are described the services, connection type, port number and address.

  • cPanel – Bandwidth Usage

    Bandwidth data is generated by the following services: HTTP (browser traffic), IMAP/POP3 (incoming messages), SMTP (outgoing messages) and FTP.