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How to transfer my domain and website to SuperHosting.BG?

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To start the procedure related to your website and/or domain transfer to SuperHosting.BG, you will have to order your required services by placement of an online order via the SuperHosting.BG website.

Hosting Account Transfer

Your hosting account with us will be configured within 15 minutes after order payment confirmation is received. All credentials for access and management of the account will be sent to the email address specified in the order.

Here are the steps you have to make to transfer your hosting account content:

  1. Please copy the whole account content from the servers of your current hosting provider. Any databases in your website will need to be exported.
  2. Upload site content to your hosting account on SuperHosting.BG servers. Please remember to import databases, if there are any.
  3. If you have any email accounts with domain names configured, you will need to configure them via the cPanel. This will help to ensure that no email will be lost during transfer.
  4. Having verified that your site functions flawlessly on our servers, you will need to replace domain Name servers (DNS) with SuperHosting.BG Name servers. Actual name servers will be available by email containing credentials for hosting account management. The site will begin loading from our servers within 2 to 48 hours after domain DNS information is changed.

info-iconNote: If the domain is being transferred, its settings may not be changed during its transfer. Domain Name servers (DNS) may also not be replaced during this period. DNS replacement may be performed before the transfer request is submitted or after the domain is transferred to SuperHosting.BG

If you use cPanel by your current hosting provider, then the only step you have to make for hosting account transfer is to generate a complete backup. You may then provide us with the generated backup, and we will restore your hosting account in your cPanel with us.

info-iconIf you think that you can't handle with all the requirements do not hesitate to contact us. The SuperHosting.BG's team will help to all new and existing customers for transferring their domain and site into new super hosting services.

Domain transfer

Complete information on domain transfer conditions will be emailed to you after your hosting account’s activation.

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