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Softaculous (software library)

Softaculous is a software library platform consisting of many different CMS systems and libraries which can be easily installed.

Softaculous is a rich catalog of CMSs, that can be easily installed in your hosting account.
Softaculous is a rich catalog of CMSs, that can be easily installed in your hosting account.

Creating your own website or adding the necessary libraries for developing web applications can be done fast and easy using Softaculous. In comparison with other similar libraries Softaculous presents a much larger database of systems as well as more options with administrative and automation processes.

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Softaculous is available with all hosting plans from SuperHosting.BG.

CMS systems and libraries

PHP Applications:

  • blogs – WordPress, Serendipity, Dotclear, b2evolution, Textpattern, FlatPress and more
  • micro-blogs – StatusNet, PageCookery, Storytlr and more
  • CMS – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, e107, Open Real Estate, PHP-Fusion, Concrete5, MODX, Zikula, Composr, GRAV, SilverStripe, ProcessWire, Bolt, Fork, Kirby, Pluck, Redaxscript, Quick.CMS, ImpressCMS, Bludit, WonderCMS, PluXml, CSZ CMS, TYPO3, SCHLIX CMS, Zsite and more
  • forums – phpBB, SMF, MyBB, Vanilla, FUDforum and more
  • galleries – Gallery, Coppermine, Zenphoto, Chevereto Free, iGalerie and more
  • Wiki pages – MediaWiki, DokuWiki, PmWiki, WikkaWiki and more
  • Social media – Dolphin, pH7CMS, Open Source Social Network, HumHub, UNA, Hubzilla and more
  • Advertisement systems – Revive Adserver (OpenX), Yclas and more
  • frameworks – Laravel, CodeIgniter, yii, Bootstrap, CakePHP, Symfony, Uikit, Webasyst and more
  • E-commerce – Magento, CubeCart, osCommerce, OpenCart, ZenCart, WHMCS, LiteCart, X-Cart, Blesta, InvoicePlane, Shopware, Bagisto and more
  • Project management – Rukovoditel, Mantis Bug Tracker, Kanboard, Snipe-IT, phpCollab, SOPlanning, Admidio, ZenTao, ProjeQtOr and more
  • ERP systems – Vtiger, Dolibarr, Akaunting, SuiteCRM, FrontAccounting, OrangeHRM, EGroupware, Tine, Group Office, ChurchCRM, Zdoo and more
  • Web calendars – Booked, LuxCal and more
  • Webmail clients, Newsletters and Mailing Lists – Roundcube, phpList, WebMail Lite, RainLoop Webmail and more
  • Surveys, Studies and Statistics – LimeSurvey, Matomo and more
  • Ticket Systems – osTicket, HESK, Mibew Messenger, Live helper chat, OpenSupports, HelpDEZk, FreeScout and more
  • Education – Moodle, TCExam, Omeka, Gibbon, ILIAS, Xerte Online Toolkits, Forma LMS and more
  • Database Management Systems – phpMyAdmin, Adminer and more
  • music, video, RSS, file managers, etc

Perl applications:

  • blogs – Movable Type
  • e-commerce – ShopSite
  • Mailing list manager – Dada Mail

JavaScript libraries:

  • jQuery, AngularJS, Vue.js, Dojo, Raphael, Sizzle, LESS, DropzoneJs

PHP scripts and classes which you can use to develop your web applications.

Import already installed systems

If you want to make use of the easier update and management process that Softaculous offers, you can add already installed systems or libraries. After importing your system you will have all the functionalities and features of the platform, like automatic updating.

Manual and automatic system update

You can update your CMS to a newer version really fast and easy with Softaculous. The updates can be manually done from the Softaculous panel or you can set up automatic updates, which will keep your website up to date.

Backup and restore

You can generate backups of every installed or imported system. After that you can restore your system from the generated backup.

Email notifications

This feature can be used to notify you if there are new available versions of your already installed CMS systems.

Creating a staging copy of your website


Using the Staging option in Softaculous you can automatically create a working copy of your website with just a few clicks of your mouse. Even better, you can use the option Push to Live which will apply all the changes made to the staging copy to your original website.

Updated on 08.11.2021

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