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How to Set Up an Email Account (a Mailbox)?

Email Accounts

If you are using services, provided by SuperHosting.BG, you can setup a mailbox with just a few clicks by going to your hosting account’s cPanel.

From the cPanel Email Accounts menu, you can create new mailboxes and change the settings of the already created ones.


To create a new email account, log in to the cPanel control panel and access the (Email) Email Accounts.

Select Create.



From the drop-down menu, select which domain you want to add the email address to. If there is only one domain, it is selected by default.



Fill in a name for the mailbox. This is the text that will appear at the beginning of the email address, for example, user@mysupersite.com.



In the Security tab, you can enter a password for the email account or select it to be set by the user.

Password: Enter the password that will be used to access the email account.

Use Generate to generate a complex and strong password. See tips for creating a strong password: Here are some tips for choosing the right password.

Provide alternate Email: The user can set the password for the email account himself. Enter another existing email address to which a mail will be sent. In that mail a link will be present for setting the password.

Storage Sspace

Storage Sspace

Select the size of the mailbox. Disk space occupied by mailboxes is part of the overall disk space of the hosting account.

If you want the e-mail account to have unlimited space, select “Unlimited” for a quota.

Send a welcome email

Send a welcome email: Enable this option if you want to send e-mail client setup information (server, port, etc. data) to the newly created mailbox.

Stay on this page: Enable the option to stay on this page after adding the email account.


To add the new email account, select “Create“.

Success: You created...

Once the email account is created, you will receive a message: “Success: You created…“.

Updated on 02.11.2021

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