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How to Set Up an Email Account (a Mailbox)?

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Email AccountsIf you are using services, provided by SuperHosting.BG, you can setup a mailbox with just a few clicks by going to your hosting account’s cPanel.

First you have to log into cPanel and then access Email Accounts » Add Email Account.

Adding an email account

Adding an email account

Fill in the mailbox name (1). That text will be written at the beginning of your email address such as

From the drop-down menu (2) select the domain where the email address shall be added. If there is only one domain available, it will be selected by default.

In the Password (3) section fill in the desired password in both fields.

Use the Password Generator to create a strong combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.

Select the mailbox size in field (4).

The space intended for mailboxes is allocated from the total disk space of the particular hosting plan.

If you would like to have unlimited space for your email account, select the "Unlimited" option.

Then click the "Create Account" button.

After the new account has been set up you will receive a message: "Account Created".

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