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Fix Permissions by SuperHosting

Control Panel cPanel
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In cPanel you can find the Fix Permissions by SuperHosting plugin for all of our Linux hosting plans:

Fix Permissions by SuperHosting

Fix Permissions by SuperHosting allows you to quickly and easily fix the permissions for directories, PHP scripts, images, HTML and .htaccess files.

The following file types are checked for incorrect permissions: .htaccess, .php, .shtml, .htm, .html, .css, .js, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .swf, .flv.

For an application to run properly on the SuperHosting.BG servers, directories should have 755 permissions and the files644 permissions.


Fixing permissions for the whole hosting account

To fix permissions for the whole hosting account and all websites, click on the "Fix permissions" button: Fix permissions for the whole hosting account and all websites

Fixing permissions for a particular directory

You can fix permissions for a particular directory of the hosting account. You need to click on the "Show directories list" (1). You can select a specific directory using the generated list. Click on a particular directory's name to access the existing subdirectories (2). To fix directory permissions click on the button on the right (3):

Fix permissions for a particular directory of the hosting account

If permissions are different from the specified, the website might show an Internal Server Error message.

    Control Panel cPanel
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