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Google Ads™ – More Effective Means of Advertising (Part I)

In order to create effective online advertisement, in addition to the Ads™ tool, you also need to have a complete website, which is professionally designed and reliably supported by a quality hosting service.

There are more than three billion websites on the Internet. Did you ever stop to wonder exactly how users and potential customers find what they need, and furthermore, how they are going to run into your website? Without the existence of the so-called “search engines”, this would have been literally a “mission impossible”.

The search engines are powerful programs that crawl web pages around the Internet as they are looking for keyword matches of search queries. With its 39% search engine market share, Google is the most popular search engine in the world. In recent years, Google’s funny and interesting logo has turned into one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

The name “Google” itself has an interesting origin. It derives from the word “Googol”, invented in 1938 by U.S. mathematician Edward Kasner’s nine-year-old nephew, who was attempting to describe a number that is equal to 10100, or expressed as the digit 1 followed by 100 zeroes.
Nowadays, the term “google” is so widespread and well-known that it has already been added to some of the newest dictionary editions as a synonymous entry of the verb, “to search”.

The main part from the global giant’s revenue comes from paid ads. Online advertising is becoming, every day, a more effective marketing tool for making companies, people, and events more and more popular. Naturally, every business demands the most inexpensive, and at the same time, most effective way to attract new customers. It is an extremely challenge to reach your potential customers precisely at the moment when they need a product or a service that you are actually offering. Then, the advertising is most effective and has the highest return on investment. After the paid Google Ads™ advertising service has been released, it is already possible to communicate with your potential customers exactly at the moment when they want to buy a product or service you offer. If, for example, someone is looking for a digital camera on Google, they will encounter the paid ads only for digital cameras, which means that they will be offered the right products at the right time. Google Ads™ enables you to run extremely well targeted ad campaigns.

What distinguishes Google Ads™ from the other means of advertising?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

It is a very common practice around the web for online advertising to be paid for an “impression.” Each time your ad appears on Google or the Google Network, it’s counted as one impression. You can pay for a number of impressions (for example, BGN 5 per 1000 impressions) or for a certain period of time (for example, BGN 50 per week).

The Google Ads™ platform enables you to have an exceptional opportunity to pay per “click,” (i.e., you pay only for users who have seen and clicked on your ad and have visited your website. While with other types of payment, there is a big chance to pay a considerable amount of money without your ad being noticed at all, with the Google Ads platform this is practically impossible.

Advertising Threats

In everyday life, we are being constantly flooded with ads. Electronic and print media, the Internet, billboards on the streets, labels and posters on the public transport, advertising lights and many others… As much as a person may be indifferent, at one point advertising is too much for everyone. We start desperately trying to avoid ads by all means!

Google links, however, are still not treated by people like advertising. The user perceives them from another point of view—as “useful ads.” Users do not mind looking through the offerings for a product they are looking for. Moreover, they are happy with the opportunity to choose and go from one link to another as they are seeking the best deal.

Target Audience (Targeting)

Most of the online ads are presented to a completely random audience. Of course, there might be some selection through the choice of a particular website, but this applies mostly for smaller and more specialized websites. With the bigger portal websites, the process of targeting the right audience is quite difficult. On one hand, this is great for cases when your massive ad campaign aims to raise public awareness or promote a brand. On the other hand, the investments needed for such an ad can usually be afforded only by the biggest companies.

With Google Ads, you select the audience for your ad. This is achieved by setting a set of keywords. In this way, you can be sure that every time your marketing message will appear to the audience that is actually interested in the products and services you offer. This condition itself is a prerequisite for making your ad considerably more effective.

What is Google Ads™?

Open a web browser and load Google. Then search, for example, the word “software”. On the left side, you will see the organic search results that are not paid ads. The top results and those on the right side of the screen are the so-called “sponsored links”. They are actually paid ads from Ads™. They are always labeled as “Ad”.

Just like participants in an auction, all advertisers are bidding for the keyword “software” that you had searched for earlier. But they get to pay only if a user is interested enough to click on their ad. If nobody clicks on the ad, the advertiser does not pay for anything. The more an advertiser bids for the respective keyword, the closer to the top (among the “sponsored links”) their marketing message will climb. This is how an advertiser boosts their chance to be noticed by their potential customers.

How to Get a Google Ads™ Coupon Code?

Updated on 02.11.2021

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