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Google Ads – More Effective Means of Advertising (Part II)

In the first part of the article, Google Ads™ – More Effective Means of Advertising we introduced you to the platform and its main advantages. In this article, we will give you specific guidelines for starting and developing a Google Ads™ campaign.

How to Get Started?

It is important to have a professionally designed, attractive and well-structured website.

A website which was designed by professionals and has reliable support by а quality hosting service is able to reveal the true qualities of the products and services you are offering to your potential customers.

Remember that your website creates your online image, and it is your virtual business card. It should contain all of the essential information to display the services or products you offer. Your potential customers will need that information when they make their selections. If you wish to sell directly through your website, you will need a secure e-Commerce system.

It does not matter if you are selling online or not, your website should always provide clear information to your potential customers on how they can contact you. It is important to give users different options for communication, so that they can choose their most convenient way to reach you. For example, you will want to consider adding phone numbers, emails, contact forms, exact address of your office, etc. Your potential customers should not experience difficulties when they want to buy a product or a service from you or when they wish to contact you for further information.

After you already have a professionally designed website which corresponds to your business purposes, you can subscribe to Google Ads™. For that purpose, Google offers you additional tools that facilitate creating your marketing message and choosing the right keywords.

Marketing Message

When you are creating your marketing message, you will have 25 characters available for a catchy title. There is an option for entering 70 characters for the advertisement itself. Your marketing message should stand out, so that it will catch people’s interest and they will click on your ad. This is not a long amount of text at all. That is why you have to strive for including information that will help your potential customers clearly understand your area of activity and make them visit your website.

Write your title, the marketing message, and then enter the URL address of the page where your ad will lead to. This URL might point to your website’s home page as well as some of its internal pages. The best approach will be to choose the page that fully corresponds to the marketing message’s content, such as the “Products” or “Services” page.

Here is a good example of a marketing message:

Title: Web hosting and domains
Description row 1: 99,999 % UpTime, 24/7 support
Description row 2: The best hosting
Display URL: SuperHosting.BG
Target URL: www.superhosting.bg

Choosing Relevant Keywords

This is one of the most important steps when creating your Google Ads™ campaign. In order to improve the return of your investment, you should pick words that are closely related to your business, but also include more general ones. Include all brand names as well as the names of the products and services you offer. The keyword might be only one word or a whole phrase. It is important that keywords are closely related to the products or services you are advertising. In this way, your advertisement will appear only to people that might be interested in what you offer. For additional tips on how to create your keywords list, you can visit following web page:

How to Build the Best Keyword List

After you start your campaign with the selected keywords, do keep in mind to track the statistics and results that are shown. The statistics will rank the keywords according to the number of clicks they bring in, you so that you know what you need to change. This, of course, will take some time, but it will give you the opportunity to alter your campaign so that you achieve maximum return of investment. Once you have your account, you can add or remove keywords whenever you want. Google Ads™ can even scan your website and suggest a list with additional keywords.

Maximum Cost Per Click

Maybe the most confusing feature of using Ads is the lack of fixed prices. Instead, as a part of your monthly budget, Ads gives you the opportunity to define the price per click on your own in compliance with keywords you have chosen to be associated with your ad. This means that you must specify the maximum cost to be spent when a user clicks on your ad (Cost Per Click – CPC). If your bid is higher than that of the other advertisers’ who have specified the same keyword in their marketing message, in most of the cases your ad will appear as a top result among the “sponsored links”.

Google Ads™ empowers you to be the one who determines the monthly expenses for your ad. The system will display your marketing message as often as possible, depending on your budget. Each time a user clicks on your ad, the amount is deducted from your monthly budget. Once you have an account created, you can change the limits of your budget anytime.

– is a highly effective form of advertising;
– aims the advertisements at a precisely targeted audience;
– gives you complete control over the expenses for the campaigns;
– gives you the opportunity to pay as much as you want to;
– gives access to all types of data and advertising texts as you can modify them anytime;
– keeps a close track of the achieved results.

If you exploit the Google Ads™ features to the fullest extent, your campaigns can get an extremely high return of investment.

How to Get a Google Ads™ Coupon Code?

For creating a website, you need a domain name as well as a hosting service. The choice of the best name for the website and the right hosting service is the starting point from building your unique website on the basis of a successful online presence.
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Updated on 02.04.2022

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