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What is HTTP/2?

HTTP/2 s the new version of the protocol for data transfer on the Web – HTTP. HTTP/2 offers enhanced performance, lower bandwidth and new, optimized structure of the client-server communication.

🚀At SuperHosting.BG HTTP/2 is supported for all hosting plans. All customer websites having an installed SSL certificate and activated secure HTTPS connection are loaded via HTTP/2.

One of the main improvements in HTTP/2 is the multiplexing of the client-server communication. The transferred data is grouped into (frames), which move in both directions into parallel (streams). This enables communication performed through only one TCP connection where there might be many streams with multiple frames. HTTP/2 is not like HTTP/1.1 where the browser opens numerous simultaneous TCP connections with the server in order to achieve better performance.

The other significant improvements are header compression, protocol of the binary type and independent data submission from the web server. As a result from these enhancements, loading websites through HTTP/2 is considerably faster.

Important: In order to use the HTTP/2 protocol your website needs to have an installed SSL certificate and activated secure HTTPS connection.
Updated on 02.04.2022

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