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What is Let's Encrypt?

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Let’s Encrypt is a certificate that encrypts the connection between the web browser and the web server, like known and widely distributed SSL certificates. The difference to them is that it is free and uses a simplified issuance process. Let's Encrypt certificate comes closest to SSL certificates with domain validation.

An alternative to Let's Encrypt is the cPanel/Comodo SSL certificates automatically installed with AutoSSL in cPanel.

The cPanel / Comodo SSL certificates that are installed with AutoSSL are specially developed by cPanel with Comodo. cPanel / Comodo certificates have the same terms as Let's Encrypt. They are completely free, issued for a period of 3 months and are automatically renewed. The difference with Let's Encrypt is that the installation of the certificate is done automatically without user intervention.

info-iconAll SuperHosting.BG customers who have not yet installed an SSL certificate on their site are secured with one and do not need to install another. For all domains that are loaded from a hosting account at SuperHosting.BG, a free cPanel/Comodo SSL certificate is automatically installed.



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