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Managing Your Hosting Account’s Files Remotely

Managing content, files and directories on your hosting account might be performed remotely. This means that an application installed on your device enables you to connect to your hosting server and access the account’s content.

You can upload files and directories via FTP, also manage and configure applications on your hosting account via SSH.

Remote connection via FTP

FTP connection is the fastest and most convenient way to upload multiple files and directories to your hosting account.

To connect to the hosting server, use an FTP client which is usually installed on the user’s device. A very common and widely used FTP client is FileZilla.

To secure the FTP connection between your device and the hosting server, set up the FTP client to use FTPS or SFTP. This way data will be secured while it is transmitted to the network established between your device and the hosting server.

Note: If a given directory on the hosting account contains more than 2.000 files you need to use SFTP to view them all via FTP.

Remote connection via SSH

SSH connection to the hosting server is used mainly by sysadmins for managing settings and apps on the hosting account.

Before connecting to the hosting server via SSH you need to activate SSH access from your customer profile.

After installing and launching the SSH client you need to enter access credentials:

  • Host: domain name, server name, or shared IP address.
    If you are not sure which the server’s IP address is, you can access this information in cPanel » General Information panel – Shared IP Address.
  • Port: 1022
  • Username and Password: the username and password for the hosting account.

Accessing the hosting account via SSH keys is considered highly secure. For this reason we recommend using an SSH key to connect to the hosting server.

Updated on 02.04.2022

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