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Control Panel cPanel

How to Park a Domain?

Before you can add your domain as ‘parked,’ that domain name has to be registered. A parked domain is added via the control panel (cPanel) for the hosting account’s basic domain management. To ‘park’ your domain, please log into the control panel and select the ‘Parked Domains’ menu. Enter your domain name and click on… »

Parked Domain

How to Connect to the Hosting Server?

For every hosting server and to each hosting account there are additional virtual servers providing different services. For the email service incoming and outgoing mail servers are used, for the databases there are MySQL and PostgreSQL servers, for accessing files there are FTP and SSH servers and others. Depending how and which service you wish… »

Advanced Settings in SuperCache Manager

Besides the General Settings SuperCache Manager also provides you with Advanced Settings. By using them you can fine tune the caching system. You can also specify cookies and server HTTP headers to be included or excluded from caching. Once SuperCache is activated, it will cache content by default even if the web client query contains cookies.… »

for faster website, SuperCache

SuperCache Manager by SuperHosting

SuperCache Manager is one of the SuperTools available in cPanel which enables you to speed up greatly your websites. SuperCache is a Web Accelerator that caches the whole source code of a page as this includes both static and dynamic content. Unlike Memcached or Redis that both work on application level, SuperCache is operating before the real server where the… »

cPanel plugins by SuperHosting, SuperCache

Check, Status and Features of SuperCache

When you fine tune SuperCache and test its options, the special HTTP status headers generated will help you a lot. SuperCache’s system serves specific HTTP headers which provide information on the current system status and if a given web resource is cached or not. Important: Before checking how SuperCache works, you need to pay attention to… »


Redirect Using .htaccess - Your Website Starts Loading via Secure HTTPS Connection

To use a secure connection between the user and a website you first need to issue and install an SSL certificate in your hosting account. You can select and purchase an SSL certificate from SuperHosting.BG. After the SSL certificate has been issued and installed into your hosting account,, you can activate a secure connection for your… »


SuperTools Available in cPanel

cPanel offers a few special Super tools developed by SuperHosting.BG that enable you to manage more easily and quickly the content of all websites, hosted on your account. SUPERHOSTING TOOLS In the SuperHosting Tools menu you can find tools that will help you manage your hosting account and will save you lots of time! WordPress… »

cPanel plugins by SuperHosting, for faster website, tips, website caching

Redis Manager by SuperHosting

Redis is supported for the SuperPro and SuperHosting plans. To use Redis, you need to activate it in cPanel. Login to cPanel and select the “Redis Manager by SuperHosting” menu. Choose the amount of memory that will be allocated for Redis. Click on the “Save and Enable” button. All changes will take effect within 5 minutes after… »

cPanel plugins by SuperHosting, redis

How to Set Up an Add-On Domain in my Hosting Account (cPanel)?

You can set up an Add-On domain from your customer profile or in cPanel. The option to add additional sites (Add-On Domains) is available for hosting plans SuperPro and SuperHosting. The Add-On domain you wish to add should first exist as a registered domain name. Assign the correct DNS so as to point the Add-On towards… »

Addon Domain

Setting up Redirects in cPanel

Тhe Redirects interface allows you to redirect all domains in cPanel and their internal resources to other domains and URLs. A Redirect sends all domain visitors (and search engine bots) to a different URL. A URL is the domain along with the web resources after its name, e.g. There are two types of redirects – 301 Permanent and 302… »

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