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Premium Domains

The premium domains differ from the standard domains in that they have more attractive names, i.e. names for which there is greater interest. Usually, these are names that are short, easy to type and remember, they match popular names and expressions, names of famous people, events, places, etc.

Even though the domain name is not a major reason for а website’s development and popularity, the association with a premium domain definitely has an advantage at least when it comes to direct visits.

During the last years, a considerable part of the website traffic is generated by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing as well as links from other websites. In the case of links the domain name does not play a significant role as it is hidden behind link text. However, when the traffic is generated by direct visits, i.e. the users directly enter the domain in the address bar of their browser, premium domains definitely give a considerable advantage. Advantage means that the premium domains are easily remembered by users and when a name is self-evident the users do not have to use a search engine or look for links from other websites.

There are two categories of premium domains

1. Registered domains

These are domains which were registered for a given period of time, but their owner dropped or missed to renew them. As a consequence, the domain has been released for a new registration.

However, not all of the expired domains are immediately released as premium domains for a new registration. For a domain to be offered as premium it either needs to have an attractive name or the previous website associated with it should have been very popular. Of course, the two conditions together make the best combination. Domain popularity at the time when it was associated with a famous website brings a lot of advantages after the domain has already expired. This is so because there is leftover bandwidth which can be generated from other websites, blogs, forums, search engines, etc. Furthermore, most of the search engines take as positive signs the domain age and history as these contribute to better ranking in search engines.

2.  New domains

This category includes domains which have not been registered before. New domains do not have advantages such as the ones with history and their value as premium is determined only by their attractive name.

Registration and renewal fees for premium domains

Premium domains are offered at higher prices, compared to the standard ones with same extension. The prices start from several dollars and can reach up to hundreds and thousands of dollars. For premium domains that have already been registered and are now active for a certain period, the price is determined by a registry or the registrars depending on how attractive the name, age, history, site popularity, economic trends, etc are.

For some of the premium domains, the higher price is only paid once, and each following year the price for domain renewal is the standard for its extension.

There are, however, domains for which the renewal price is equal or close to the registration one.

The prices of the premium domains are determined by the registry of registrars of the domains offered.

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Updated on 02.11.2021

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