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SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

SSL is a protocol developed by the Netscape Communications Corporation. Its basic function is to protect information from eavesdropping, counterfeiting, and more, while providing a high level of confidentiality. It is used for online payments, online transfers, e-banking, etc.

The SSL certificate provides an encrypted connection between the server and the customer’s browser. When confidential information (payment details, profile and account information, access passwords, credit card details, bank account details, etc.) is sent or received on your website, then it is highly recommended that you secure the site with an SSL certificate.

SSL certificates, offered by SuperHosting.BG, have been issued by a trusted authority and are compatible with 99.9 % of the browsers. No messages that a site visit is risky are displayed with them.

Further information on SSL certificates, offered by SuperHosting.BG, is available at: https://en.superhosting.bg/web-hosting-page-certificates.php

Updated on 02.11.2021

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