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Configuring an SSL Certificate Purchased From SuperHosting.BG

SSL Certificates
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To issue an SSL certificate, you first need to fill in the necessary data. After you have already purchased an SSL certificate from SuperHosting.BG you can configure it in three easy steps through your customer profile.

First log into your customer profile, go to the menu on the left and click on SSL Certificates. A list containing all SSL certificates purchased from SuperHosting.BG will be displayed. To enter the required information, select the Details option for the SSL certificate with status Awaiting Configuration Data:

Fill data to issue an SSL certificate
Now you need to fill in the required information in three simple steps.

1. Configuration

To issue an SSL certificate you first need to generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request).

Configure SSL certificate, CSR data

(1) CSR (Certificate Signing Request)

Generate a CSR: This feature enables you to generate a new request for certificate signing with the data provided in the form.

I will use an already generated CSR: Already generated CSR will be used. In this case you have to enter the already generated CSR.

If the CSR has been previously generated on another server, the Key Length should be 2048 bits. You can check whether the CSR file is properly generated on the following address: CSR checker

(2) Domain Name

Below you can read a few important points related to the choice of a domain or a subdomain for which the certificate will be issued.

a. Domain Certificate (

  • If you enter a domain, the certificate will be valid only for but not for
  • (Recommended) Only if you did enter, the certificate will be valid for and also for (! This does not work for subdomains of the type!)

b. Subdomain Certificate (

  • If you enter, the certificate will be valid only for, but not for and vice versa.
  • If you enter, the certificate will be valid only for but not for

c. Certificate for a Domain and all its Subdomains (*

  • In case you have purchased a Wildcard SSL Certificate, you need to enter * in this field (you need to replace with your domain name and keep the *. symbol)

(3) Enter your email address that will be used during the CSR generation. You will receive the certificate on the specified email after it is issued.

(4) Specify the name of the organization for which the certificate is issued. Enter a name and surname for an individual. The information has to be entered in Latin letters.

(5) When generating a CSR you must specify a name for an organizational department. For your convenience we have indicated “IT Department”, but you can change it if you wish. The information has to be entered in Latin letters.

2. Administrative Contact

Second step of configuring an SSL certificate

Completing Administrative Contact Data

Enter administrative data that will be specified in the CRS for issuing the SSL certificate.

The data you will fill in the form needs to be correct since it cannot be changed once the certificate has been issued.

3. Confirmation

The third step of configuring an SSL certificate

Select an email address

Select an email address where the issuer will send a verification mail and the certificate itself. The address has to be selected from a list.

info-iconImportant: If the email address you have selected does not exist you will first need to create it and then get back to the certificate configuration.

After you complete all the required information, click the Confirm button.

Within a few minutes you will receive a verification mail on the specified email address. The mail’s purpose will be to check whether you have control over the domain after you requested a certificate to be issued. This mail contains a link that confirms your desire to receive a certificate and validate the information entered.

If the purchased certificate is verified by the domain, confirming the verification message is the last step in completing the process of issuing a certificate. After the certificate is issued, it will be activated in your customer profile.

4. Verification Email

For SSL certificates issued by GeoTrust and Symantec (VeriSign) there is a feature for changing the email address for verification. Changing your email address is possible if you still have not confirmed issuing the certificate in the verification message.

(1) Changing Your Verification Email Address

You can change the verification email address by clicking on the Change button and selecting a new email address. After you save your changes a verification message will be sent to your new email address.

(2) Forwarding the Verification Email

You can forward the verification email by selecting the option Forward Verification Email.

The SSL certificate has been successfully issued

After the certificate is once issued, you will receive its code in additional email message. The SSL certificate, the CSR and the key are available in your customer profile -> SSL Certificates - Details.

The SSL certificate can be also installed through cPanel.

info-iconInstallation is free for SSL certificates issued by SuperHosting.BG with the shared hostingManaged VPS and Shopiko plans.



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