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Reissuing Your SSL Certificate

After a SSL certificate has once been issued, there is an option for reissuing it in case any details such as a new private key, company name or seat and others need to be changed in the CSR. The domain for which the certificate is issued CANNOT be changed during the reissuing procedure.

You can submit a request for reissuing your SSL certificate purchased from SuperHosting.BG in your customer profile.

Go to the menu on the left and click on SSL Certificates -> Details right next to the certificate. Continue with Reissue SSL certificate.

Reissue SSL certificate

Request for Reissuing Your Certificate

To reissue your SSL certificate you will need to submit a new CSR (Certificate Signing Request).

The option Generate a new CSR (1) enables you to initiate a new request. You can change the data that will be specified in the CRS such as email address where the issuer will send the certificate, organization, department and contact details. Upon the new CSR generation a new Private Key will also be generated.

If you have already generated a new valid CSR, use the option I have already generated CSR (1) and enter the request code in the field.

Select a certificate issuance request (CSR)

Important: If the certificate will be used for a server or service that does not support 4096 bit encoding, select 2048 bits for the key. Currently, examples of such services include Google Cloud (Load Balancing) and AWS CloudFront.

The Domain name (2) for which the certificate is issued cannot be changed. To change the domain name you will need to issue a new SSL certificate.

Details of the application for issuance of the certificate

Upon CSR generation you can change the data you already used (3) to issue the certificate. In case a change is not required, you do not have to modify all of the fields’ contents.

Select an Verification email address (4), where the issuing authority will send a verification mail. This mail contains a link through which you can confirm your wish to issue a certificate.

Select an email address to verify and complete the reissue request

If by now you do not have a suitable email address, you will first have to set up such one and then complete the Reissue (!) procedure.

If the certificate is verified by the domain, confirming the verification message is the last step in completing the process of reissuing the certificate. After the certificate is issued, you will receive confirmation by email.

After the certificate is reissued, you need to reinstall it. Details about the certificate (code) are available in an email you will receive or in your customer profile.

Updated on 08.11.2021

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