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cPanel - Bandwidth Usage

Control Panel cPanel
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You can view the current bandwidth usage on your hosting account from the Bandwidth menu in cPanel.

Bandwidth data is generated by the following services: HTTP (browser traffic), IMAP/POP3 (incoming messages), SMTP (outgoing messages) and FTP (uploading and downloading files).

Comparative bandwidth usage graphs are available for the past 24 hours, the past week or year. These graphs represent the data transfer rate in kb per minute, averaged into five minute intervals.

Comparative timetable for the data transfer, by servicesThis information might be useful for monitoring peak bandwidth usage for а specific service (HTTP, IMAP...), for example the months April, August and February demonstrate bandwidth spikes when compared to other months of the year.

The pie charts represent monthly data transfer.

Statistics are generated for each separate domain in cPanel. These domains are listed as subdomains of the main hosting account domain. Click on a service to view the daily bandwidth usage, as well as the overall and HTTP traffic.

    Control Panel cPanel
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