pspell (Portable Spell Checker Interface Library)

pspell (Portable Spell Checker Interface Library) is a PHP extension, providing generic interface to the GNU Aspell (C++) system spell-checking library.

Aspell might be used for other programming languages along with specific extensions, such as Text:Aspell for Perl.

To check spelling, you can use the pre-installed Aspell language dictionaries or word lists.

You can enable pspell in your hosting account via cPanel » PHP Manager by SuperHosting.

pspell and Aspell are supported on all Linux hosting servers by SuperHosting.BG.

Bulgarian Encoding

Depending on the text language you can set the respective dictionary to be used.

To enable the Bulgarian spell checker you might have to add a few settings to the PHP script:

header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8');
$pspell_link = pspell_new('bg', ' ', ' ', 'utf-8');

Aspell settings

You can check Aspell system settings through SSH.

Check the installed dictionaries:

aspell dump dicts

Aspell version:

aspell -v

Check the language dictionary contents (in this case EN):

aspell -l en dump master

Check Aspell configuration:

aspell config

Aspell settings are stored in a system configuration file which cannot be modified by users. To change specific settings, you must use the user configuration file .aspell.conf, which must be located in the home directory of the hosting account.

Tо use the Aspell configuration file you should first copy the system file settings with the following command:

aspell dump config > /home/cpuser/.aspell.conf

Then you can edit your Aspell settings in the .aspell.conf file.

Updated on 02.04.2022

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