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Redis Features and Support

Redis (REmote DIctionary Server) is an open-code project similar to Memcached that enables you to store data. The tool is used to speed up website loading by caching data and objects in RAM. Thus it reduces the number of times an external data source such as a database or API must be read.

Redis uses the NoSQL model key-value for data storage and management just like Memcached. The information is stored in integrated in-memory NoSQL databases. Redis also allows data persistence, as it copies/saves information on the disk.

Unlike Memcached, Redis supports more than one data structure types. Besides simple strings, Redis can also hold list, set, hash, HyperLogLog or others.

Redis is supported for the SuperPro and SuperHosting plans, and all Managed VPS servers. You can enable it with just a click in cPanel -> Redis Manager by SuperHosting.
Redis can be also installed for the Virtual server and Dedicated server, provided by SuperHosting.BG.
Updated on 02.04.2022

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