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How to Change My Email Account Password?

Step by Step Changing Email Password Through cPanel

Email Accounts in cPanelYou can change your email account password through cPanel » Email Accounts or through Webmail.

You can change your password through cPanel without entering your current email account password.

To change your password through some of the Webmail clients you will first need to use your old password to log into Webmail.

To change the password through cPanel click on Email Accounts and then Manage.

To change your account password, enter a new one in the New Password field.

You do not need to enter the old password.

To save the new password click on Update email settings.

We recommend that you use the Generate option to create a strong password.

Important: You should use a strong password that includes a combination of small and capital letters and numbers: A Few Tips for Choosing a Strong Password

Updated on 02.07.2019

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