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How to Change My Email Account Password?

Step by Step Changing Email Password Through cPanel You can change your email account password through cPanel » Email Accounts or through Webmail. You can change your password through cPanel without entering your current email account password. To change your password through some of the Webmail clients you will first need to use your old password to… »


A Few Tips for Choosing a Strong Password

Your hosting account as well as any other account or profile you have on the web contain crucial information that should not be used for malicious purposes. Your hosting account provides access to your websites, mailboxes, databases, etc. Therefore, you should be very careful when setting up a new password to prevent bad consequences in… »

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Administrative Data – WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

Here you can modify the login data for the admin panel of your WordPress website. To activate the “Administrative Data” menu button, you first need to select a WordPress Installation. Main (system) email Here you can modify the system email for your WordPress website. This email address is used for administrative purposes – receiving notifications… »

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How to Change an FTP Account Password in cPanel?

An FTP password is changed from the same menu where the FTP account is created (cPanel -> FTP Accounts). Under the FTP Accounts section at the bottom of the page you can view a list of all existing FTP accounts. To change an FTP account password, click on “Change Password” (1) in the action menu on the… »


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