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Paper Lantern – The New Main cPanel Theme

Control Panel cPanel
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Paper Lantern is a modern responsive theme that comes to replace the main X3 theme which has been used until now.

The main difference between the two themes is in the new appearance and Paper Lantern is fully responsive and uses the Bootstrap framework (HTML, CSS, JS).

X3 - The previous major theme of cPanelX3 Paper Lantern - The new main theme of cPanelPaper Lantern

File Manager

cPanel - File Manager, Paper Lantern

There are improvements not only in the cPanel's appearance, but also in the File Manager.

The menu icons are completely different.

The changes concern only the design, but the functions remain the same as before, only with a few improvements.

One of them is the Trash – a new feature, which also existed in the Legacy File Manager.


cPanel - File Manager - Trash, Paper Lantern

From now on, whenever you delete a file or a directory, they will not be permanently removed.

All of the deleted files and directories will be stored in the Trash.

To restore the Trash content (1), select (2) the deleted file or directory and click on  Restore (3) in the main menu.

Note: Once you empty the Trash, there is no way to restore the deleted files or directories anymore. The deleted content can only be restored if you have a backup generated in advance.


cPanel - File Manager - Upload many files, Paper Lantern

The file upload form of the hosting account supports now multiple file upload. Uploading entire directories is not possible.

To upload a few files at once you need first to select them in an open folder on your PC and then drag and drop them in the form.

Despite the availability of this feature, we recommend uploading a big number of files or entire directories via FTP.

    Control Panel cPanel
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