Web Hosting

The term “web hosting” is derived from the English word host, and its literal translation is that of a householder, owner, or keeper. Practically, it is most accurately presented as a subscription for resources of a particular server with direct connectivity to the Internet for a definite period of time.

In other words, web hosting services allow you to:

• Host and manage your website on a remote server with direct connectivity to the Internet.

• Access your site 24 hours/365 days in the year from any place on the Web.

• Have your own email and multiple mailboxes with the same domain name:

john.doe@company.tld, etc.

• Use the space provided on the server for storage of your information with 100% security and protection, as well as having the possibility for authorized access to it at any time and from any computer on the Internet.

• Become part of world wide web’s progressive development and to be noticed.

SuperHosting.BG offers a full range of web hosting solutions: Shared hosting, Virtual servers and Dedicated servers.

Updated on 02.11.2021

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