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How to Initiate a Domain Transfer?

Domain Transfer
domain transfer, start transfer domain

Before initiating domain transfer, you must have an Authorization (EPP) key for the domain, and you have to disable transfer prohibition if any transfer prohibition is imposed on the domain. Domain may not be transferred if these conditions are not met.

You may see the transfer code in the control panel for domain management at the current registrar. If the code is not visible in the current domain management account, you should ask your registrar to provide it to you.

You must log into your customer account at and choose the ‘Initiate Transfer’ option to initiate transfer. Please enter the EPP code in the text box.

If the domain is associated with a hosting account, you should choose what will happen with domain DNS settings after transferring it to SuperHosting.BG.

Options are as follows:
- do not change the Name Servers;
- automatically change the Name Servers for this domain with the hosting account's Name Servers;
- randomly setting Name Servers.

Depending on your choice, DNS settings will be changed automatically and immediately after the domain is transferred to SuperHosting.BG. Domain DNS settings may also be set later manually, immediately after the domain is transferred to SuperHosting.BG.

After transfer initiation, you may monitor transfer status throughout the period of transfer procedure in your customer profile. The standard transfer period continues for up to 6 days starting on the date when the verification e-mail is confirmed.



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