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I've Initiated a Domain Transfer through My Customer Profile. What's Next?

Domain Transfer
domain transfer

Within few hours after your transfer request a notification will be sent to the email address specified during the initial domain registration.

If you are not sure which email address was specified during the initial registration, you may check this at:

The verification email is sent in English, by our registrar ENOM, but its sender is SuperHosting.BG LTD (our company name) and the subject is Domain Transfer Request for domain-name. Usually the email contains a link which you have to click on to confirm the domain transfer to our registrar. This can be done as you select the I approve default option.

Within seven days as of your confirmation, the domain will be transferred to SuperHosting.BG.

Right after the domain transfer, you will receive an email containing the new date until which the domain registration will be active.

In some cases the loosing registrar also sends a notification to inform about your domain transfer. The loosing registrar email contains a link which you should click on, if you DO NOT WANT to transfer the domain. If you receive such an email, you are not required to respond or perform any of the actions described in it.

After transfer initiation, you may monitor the transfer status throughout the period of transfer procedure in your customer profile. In case of an unsuccessful domain transfer you will receive an email notification, containing the reason for cancellation.



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