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I’ve Initiated a Domain Transfer. What’s Next?

Once the domain transfer is started in the client account, it is only necessary to wait for it to complete.

While the domain is in the process of transferring, in your client profile you can monitor the transfer status for the duration of the procedure. In the event of a domain transfer failure, you will receive an email notification as well as the reason for the refusal.

After a successful transfer of the domain (com, net, org and other top domains, without eu and bg/бг) to the specified email address in the “Registrant data“, you will receive a verification email and within 15 days you must verify the email address by clicking the link in the e-mail. If the email address is not verified within the specified deadline, the domain will be suspended.

Verify contact data (Whois) for your domains

After the domain is transferred, we will send you a confirmation email and the new date to which it will be active.

Important: Sometimes the registrar from which the domain will be transferred sends a notification which has the opposite meaning – click on the link in case you DO NOT want the domain to be transferred. If you receive such an email, you do not have to respond to it or perform any of the actions described in it.

Updated on 08.11.2021

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