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Available Payment Methods

bank transfer, ePay, EasyPay, cash, credit and debit cards, PayPal, Transcard, money order, bPay

We offer the following payment options for our customer’s convenience

Payment options available for payments in EUR link-to-this-section

Payment options available for payments in BGN link-to-this-section

Wire transfer link-to-this-section EUR | BGN

You will need to visit the branch of any bank that is convenient to you and transfer the amount due to any of SuperHosting.BG LTD bank accounts.

ProCredit Bank AD

IBAN (account in EUR): BG69PRCB92301421331616
Bank's BIC code is: PRCBBGSF
Bank address: Todor Alexsandrov blvd. 26, Sofia Bulgaria

ProCredit Bank AD

IBAN (account in BGN): BG28PRCB92301021331611
Bank's BIC code is: PRCBBGSF
Bank address: Todor Alexsandrov blvd. 26, Sofia Bulgaria

If you have an existing bank account, then the amount due can be transferred from your account to the SuperHosting.BG LTD account.

If you do not have a bank account, transfer is made by means of a deposit slip, and the bank fee will make the payment order fee slightly higher (between BGN 2.00 and BGN 6.00 depending on the bank)

The populated PAYMENT ORDER and DEPOSIT SLIP is shown when you reach the last step of the online order, as long as the payment method chosen is wire transfer.

* In the 'Reason for payment' column, you are REQUIRED to specify the order number that is generated after order completion. In case you fail to specify number, transfer identification is hindered and your order may not be activated, as we will not know what the payment is for.

International wire transfers

No additional fee is charged for international wire transfer made to the ProCredit Bank account.

Credit card (via the Borica system) link-to-this-section EUR | BGN

The following cards are supported: VISA, Master Card, Maestro, debit cards, etc.

After the order procedure is complete, please choose a credit card payment method. The system will automatically redirect you to the Borica website, where card details are entered and payment is made. Notification is received up to 30 minutes after the payment is made.

For payments with debit cards issued by Bulgarian banks, the card has to be activated for e-payments via an ATM.
Activation via an ATM is NOT applicable to credit cards.

Credit card (via the 2CheckOut system) link-to-this-section EUR | BGN

The following cards are supported: MasterCard, VISA, AmericanExpress, Diners, Discover, and JCB.

After the order procedure is complete, a credit card payment method is chosen. The system automatically redirects you to the site, where the respective payment is made. Click on the 'Save and Check Out' button. You will see the amount under your order converted in US dollars.

To make payment, you will need to fill out all payment form fields correctly. Having verified that all fields are filled out correctly, click on the 'Complete Order Now' button. You will receive a confirmation email if payment was made successfully.

PayPal link-to-this-section EUR | BGN

After the order procedure is complete, PayPal as the payment method is chosen. The system automatically redirects you to the Paypal site, where after login, payment is confirmed.

If payment was made successfully, you will receive an email, and we will also receive payment confirmation within 15 minutes.

ePay link-to-this-section BGN

To make a payment via the ePay system, you have to be registered into the system.

After completing the order, you will be automatically redirected to ePay site, where you will have to enter the required details and make payment.

B-Pay (ATM) link-to-this-section BGN

Order payment via an ATM by means of a debit or a credit card

You will need to visit a B-Pay ATM and pay the order by means of a debit or a credit card.

Bulgarian and international debit and credit cards—VISA, Visa Electron, MasterCard, and Maestro, issued by Bulgarian banks, forming part of the B-Pay system, are supported.

Payment procedure is made significantly easier, as you have to enter a vendor code and a personal ten-digit code identifying your order into the ATM. For a vendor code enter 60 000 (sixty thousand), and you will obtain the personal code immediately after online order is completed.

List of ATMs, where you may make the payment »
Description of the payment procedure via an ATM»

Transcard link-to-this-section BGN

After you click on the 'Continue' button, you will be automatically redirected to the Transcard company’s website.

To make the payment, you will need to enter your card code and your E-PIN code (the E-PIN code is a six-digit code which is different from the standard four-digit PIN).

Upon successful operation completion, you will see the 'Operation completed successfully' message. You will then be redirected to our site, and we will receive a confirmation that your order has been paid.

EasyPay link-to-this-section BGN

You will need to visit the most convenient EasyPay branch ».

Upon order payment, you are required to specify the ten-digit payment code, which is unique to the particular order, as a reason for payment. This code is generated by the EasyPay system and is displayed when you reach the last step of your online order. This code will be also emailed to you at the address specified in the order.

In cash link-to-this-section BGN

Payment is made at one of SuperHosting.BG offices or at the representation office in Varna, where a document for payment is issued.

Address of the office in Sofia:
гр.София, 1797
1797 Sofia, Bulgaria Iztok, 36 Dr. G. M. Dimitrov Blvd.

Telephone Numbers: 0700 45 800
*Dialed without a code from the whole territory of the country, at the price of city call.
02 81 08 999
Mobile: 088 55 888 22
Fax: (02) 81 08 966

Address of the representation office in Varna:

18 "Tsar Asen" Str, Varna

Postal order link-to-this-section BGN

To pay by means of a postal order, you will need to visit any of Bulgarian Posts postal offices and fill out the standard Postal Order Form. Postal order details are:

Recipient: Neyko Dimitrov Neykov
1797 Sofia, 'To be called for'

When you pay by means of a postal order, you must write your purchase order number in the additional notes field.

Purchase order: 951027

As postal orders are drawn once a week, if you would like your order to be activated before payment confirmation is received, please send us the original 'Postal Order' form by means of which you have sent the order, with the postal office seal affixed. You may perform this in the following ways:

  • by means of email - scanned or as a picture taken by means of a digital camera (cell phone) to:
  • by means of fax to the following number: + 359 2 81 08 966

The services in the order will be activated immediately after we receive the document certifying completed payment.

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