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PostgreSQL – Features and Support

PostgreSQL is an open-source object-relational database (ORDBMS). It is supported by all major operating systems such as Linux, Unix and Windows.

PostgreSQL is also supported by SuperHosting.BG. You can create a PostgreSQL database in your cPanel. If you want to use the database, but cannot find the PostgreSQL menu in cPanel, please contact our technical support team.

PostgreSQL is one of the most sophisticated database management systems along with MySQL and SQLite.

It is often preferred by developers because it offers reliability when handling data especially for projects where scalability and using additional capabilities are main priorities.

It also has a more complex, but sophisticated database processing method as it is competitive with the other database systems in terms of easy management and administration.

Compared to other database systems, PostgreSQL offers a fuller implementation of SQL specification (SQL:2011). It also supports the following features:

  • Transaction model that has full ACID compliance as well as MVCC (multiversion concurrency control) in simultaneous data reading and writing;
  • PostgreSQL can be extended by the user (by adding new data types, functions, operators, index methods, procedural languages, and more);
  • It offers different index methods (not all of that are available in many other databases);
  • It uses only one storage engine (PostgreSQL);
  • It also offers complex queries
  • and much more: PostgreSQL Documentation.

Managing PostgreSQL Databases

You can create a PostgreSQL database and add users in cPanel -> PostgreSQL databases.


In cPanel you can also find the phpPgAdmin web tool for database administration. However, it won’t be possible to perform all kinds of actions through it because this system tool uses the cPanel user.

For administering PostgreSQL database on your hosting account we recommend using an additionally installed phpPgAdmin.

pgAdmin III

For remote access to the PostgreSQL database you may run the pgAdmin III application.

This tool can be downloaded and installed locally on your PC. For connecting to the PostgreSQL server you will first need to enable the option for remote access to databases and then install OpenVPN.

Updated on 15.06.2022

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