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How to Create an HTML signature in RoundCube?

IdentitiesThe RoundCube Webmail client supports plain text and HTML signatures that can be automatically added to every outgoing message.

Create and customize your signature in RoundCube as you click on “Settings” and then on the -> “Identities” tab.

Select an existing identity or add a new one so that the settings of the Identities tab will be loaded on the right hand panel.

Identity Settings

Identity SettingsHere you must fill in information like name (this will be shown in the From: field of the email), email, etc.

If you want to use this identity every time you compose a new message, select the “Set default” option.


HTML signatureActivate the HTML signature option (1) to embed an HTML code in your signature.

Then click on the HTML button (2). The HTML Source Editor will load.

There you can add and edit the HTML code.

Adding Image

You can add image to the signature by inserting an (2) HTML code in the HTML editor such as:

<img src="http://mysitename.com/image.png" alt="mysitename.com" />

You can place the signature image in the hosting account, for example in the public_html directory, and then set the full path to the file.


Sending HTML formatted messages

Sending HTML Emails

In order for the HTML signature to work, you will need to compose and send HTML formatted messages (!).

To enable this feature, access “Settings” -> “Preferences” and select -> “Composing Messages“.

For the “Compose HTML messages” select the (!) “always” option from the drop-down menu.

Save your settings by hitting “Save“.

Note: Please note that recipients usually set up email clients according to their preferences, so the images in many of the messages you are sending might be blocked or hidden.
Updated on 02.07.2019

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