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DNS records

Changing Your Domain DNS Settings

You can change the NS (name servers) for a domain purchased from SuperHosting.BG under “My profile” on SuperHosting.BG’s website. To do this you need to log into your customer profile and then select the “Domain Management” menu. All domains registered with SuperHosting.BG will be displayed and next to each of them you will see an option for… »

DNS name servers, DNS records

DNS Hosting

If you are unable to associate а domain with your hosting by using a DNS (name servers), you can redirect it to an IP address, another domain or a subdomain. The redirect requires а real static IP address. To edit the DNS records, you need to log into your customer profile and select Domain Management… »

DNS records

What Is an SRV Record?

SRV (Service record) is a DNS resource record, which defines the location of servers for specified services. SRV record is used to describe specified services and servers such as autodiscover, CalDAV, CardDAV, TeamSpeak 3, Minecraft, Skype Business Online (SIP), Office 365 (SIP), etc. The SRV record allows customers to access a specific service on the web, located… »

DNS records

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