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A Few Tips for Choosing a Strong Password

Your hosting account as well as any other account or profile you have on the web contain crucial information that should not be used for malicious purposes. Your hosting account provides access to your websites, mailboxes, databases, etc. Therefore, you should be very careful when setting up a new password to prevent bad consequences in… »

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SuperTools Available in cPanel

cPanel offers a few special Super tools developed by SuperHosting.BG that enable you to manage more easily and quickly the content of all websites, hosted on your account. SUPERHOSTING TOOLS In the SuperHosting Tools menu you can find tools that will help you manage your hosting account and will save you lots of time! WordPress… »

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5 + 1 Tips for Choosing a Domain

There are hundreds of thousands domain names that are being registered on the web every day. However, you still have a great variety of free names to choose from. The choice of a domain name will depend on the number of combinations out of available letters and numbers, as well as on your imagination. Finding an… »


10 Tips for Managing your Hosting Account

The client profile on is used for service management. The cPanel is used for hosting account management. In your customer profile on you can manage your services – you might renew and transfer services, order new and additional services, change your contact details, etc. In the cPanel of your hosting account you can… »


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