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restore from backup

Restore from Backup - WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

This menu enables you to restore your website from the latest backup of the hosting account. To restore a WordPress website, you first need to select it. If you access the menu without selecting an installation, all recoverable WordPress websites will be displayed, but the system won’t identify them as already available in the hosting… »

restore from backup, WordPress Manager

WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

WordPress Manager is a new plugin that allows you to maintain multiple installations on your account. It is supported on all shared hosting plans by SuperHosting.BG. The options Move, Speed Up and WP-CLI are available on SuperPro and SuperHosting plans. To be able to use these options, the hosting account need to use one of… »

cPanel plugins by SuperHosting, create a website, restore from backup, WordPress Manager, създаване на уебсайт

Restoring Website (Files and/or Database) From a Backup

You can access your hosting account backups by using the Backup Manager by SuperHosting plugin, located in the cPanel of all Linux hosting plans, offered by SuperHosting.BG. You can restore files, directories and databases or download the system backup of your hosting account when using Backup Manager by SuperHosting. Manually restoring data from a backup Restoring… »

restore from backup

Backup Manager by SuperHosting

You can access your hosting account backups in the cPanel of all Linux hosting plans, offered by SuperHosting.BG. The Backup Manager by SuperHosting allows you to generate, download or restore content from previous backups. The options are divided into two main sections: Restoring information from backup and  Download Backup. Restoring data from a backup From this section, in the… »

cPanel plugins by SuperHosting, make backup, restore from backup

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